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fade-leftfade-rightWhat brought about "Dialing for Millions"?

Every month at least one of my clients did not complete their “calling” homework. Oh, they come up with lots of “reasons/excuses” – I bet you are rattling them off in your head right now – right?

I started doing research and speaking to lots of people about this topic. Stressing at making phone calls is epidemic. Why I asked? For me, it is enjoyable and always successful. What’s the difference?

The result of all my hours of research and interviewing is what led me to develop my revolutionary “Dialing for Millions” programs. By turning this whole concept on it’s head and making every call a service and value providing exchange – it eliminates the angst, the stress and ultimately the procrastination.

fade-leftfade-rightWho exactly am I to be doing this?

It’s always been easy for me and now I am going to make it easy for you. Clearly, one of the advantages I have had is that throughout my careers, the phone has been at the hub of all my work.

Currency Trader (12 Years) – Back in the day, 95% of my business was transacted over the phone. More importantly, through those transactions, I built global relationships which clearly were a key to my success in that field. This is where it began for me, and now I take those skills and bring them to you!

Global Product Manager (12 Years) – While at Citibank, I was responsible for deploying my product to every branch around the world. I was also responsible for training and support. Again, the phone and building relationships were the keys to my success. I was often asked “How on earth do I get the branches to cooperate?” My strength and out of the box approach was an anomaly in the corporation. Now, I pass that “out of the box” approach on to you.

My Now Carreer: Small Business Trainer, Teacher, Guide & Mentor (8 Years) – Now, in what I believe is my FOREVER career (I just love what I do!), a lot of my work is still over the phone, as well as via webinar – which also has phone interaction. This is how I not only bring clients on, it’s how I keep them! Many of my clients have been with me more than 3 years – others keep coming back!

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Customer Testimonials

"Lee, although this was not rocket science, without you pushing me and providing the structure my business needed, it would still be flailing. – thanks"
-- -Harvey,

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